Primary school class

A lot of parents face this dilemma when their precious little one comes of school-going age. This article aims to show you the best ways in which you can find a worthy school for your child to attend.

One of the most effective ways to find an apt primary school is to search the internet by location. For instance, those living in Perth can just Google Top Primary Schools in Perth and find a complete list of schools all located in the city of Perth. The search might get a bit harder for those living in lesser-known or remote areas. In that case, the old tried and tested method of asking family and friends for advice might be the best option.

According to, children who study in good schools have a better chance of succeeding in life. So, parents must make their decisions wisely when it comes to choosing their child’s school, as this could have far-reaching consequences on the future of the kid.

When choosing the child’s first school, it is best to select one that is closest to the home. At first, children will not be very happy to be far away from their parents. They might get cranky and may become upset. Often, parents, especially moms, will have to go to school to pick up the child. This is true even when the child is sick. Moreover, sending kids to nearby schools will reduce the commuting time. This will ensure that the child is not too tired at school or when they come back home.

Look for schools that have a good standing in the community. Credible schools often have many years of experience and will be able to furnish the names of parents satisfied with the services rendered by the school.

Ask for the qualifications and experience of the teachers employed by the school. Often, parents tend to overlook this critical aspect. It is important that the person you entrust the care of your child to, is qualified to do so!

Make it a point to ask about the teacher-student ratio. Simply put, it is the number of students assigned to the care of a single teacher. Ideally, it is best that less than 15 kids are assigned to a teacher. After all, kids are kids, and the teacher must ensure that the students are learning. Also, enquire how many aides/helpers are assigned to each class. Small kids need help in the washroom, and this is where such personnel become essential.

Inspect the facilities and the premises. Check for cleanliness. Take a look at the washrooms. Check the toys that have been provided for play. Also, make sure that the play area has enough space for children to run around without hurting themselves. Check the quality of the equipment. Ask if there are any emergency medical methods that have been put into place, like when a child falls down, what is it they intend to do, etc.

Ask about the curriculum the school follows and about the extra activities that they offer, like art, music, and sports.

By following these steps, your child will be able to attend the best school!