Although many parents are aware that reading to your child is extremely important, they do not why. The brain of a child has been likened to a sponge by many experts in the field. It has the fantastic capability of absorbing all sorts of information and retaining this information for a long time. It is necessary to implement good habits t a young age when they are toddlers or preschoolers to help them consider reading as a part of their daily routine. Many preschools like Little Peoples Place include reading time in their daily schedule to introduce these young minds to different worlds. According to the experts at www.education.gov.gy, reading is also a great way of introducing different concepts like sharing, kindness, etc. to the kids at a young age.

Here are a few reasons why it is critical to start reading to your kids as soon as possible:

· Help Them Succeed
Reading is one way of helping kids absorb new information. Several studies have shown how babies and toddlers seem to get a head start compared to their peers if they have been introduced to the wonderful world of books earlier than later. Since reading is a skill they will require to master school, it will help them stay ahead in class and even enjoy the process of learning. It has been observed that children who were read to when they were younger tend to display a fondness for language and its nuances.

· Develop language Skills
It will come as no surprise that kids who read have a better command over the language. This is because of the larger vocabulary they possess due to reading books. The more words your kid knows, the more easily he can express himself.

· Better Brain Development
It is a known fact that the brain develops better when it is put through different activities. Reading activities are a great way to boost your kid’s brain activity as well as promote early reading skills. According to the latest studies children who are read to, show an interest in a wide range of topic and are more open to learning about new things.

· Better Concentration
How many times have you heard parents complaining about the lack of concentration among their children? Reading books to them from an early age onwards can help them focus their attention on longer periods of time. This can prove to be a huge boon as these kids grow older and start attending school.

· Thirst For Knowledge
Kids who have been introduced to books from their very first year on the planet will display a deep thirst for knowledge. They are naturally curious about how things work and function. Reading fuels this thirst and helps them understand the world around them. It also helps kids develop a better sense of empathy which is lacking in the current generation. Learning about new cultures and countries is also a great way that reading can help the next generation get along better. At the end of the day, reading toy our kid from day one is the best gift you can give them and to yourself.

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